Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trip to Whole Foods

If you are lucky enough to live near a Whole Foods, you probably already know what a great store it is.   Unfortunately, the nearest Whole Foods to where I live is 2+ hours away!

On our way back from Boston earlier this month, I made sure we made a stop at the Whole Foods in Framingham, MA.  I even brought an empty cooler to transport my goodies in!  I had never been to a Whole Foods before and just had to check it out.

I was really happy to find several gluten-free goodies that aren't carried in the stores back home.  These goodies included:

Bell & Evans Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets - Our local Price Chopper used to carry these and I really miss them!  I can't even imagine why they stopped.  They sure beat McDonald's so-called nuggets.

Bell & Evans Gluten-Free Italian Style Chicken Patties with Mozzarella - Had never seen these before!  I served them with pasta sauce...they were yummy.

WF Bakehouse Gluten-Free Sundried Tomato Bread - Was pretty good, but a little dense, which is fairly normal for packaged gluten-free bread.

WF Bakehouse Gluten-Free Almond Scones - Loved these!

Udi's Gluten-Free Whole Grain Bread - I left the best for last...

I couldn't wait to try the Udi's bread.  I have heard so much buzz about it on many, many gluten-free blogs.  Let me tell you...hands-down, this has to be best packaged, gluten-free bread on the planet.  I am in LOVE.  I have tried it plain with butter.  I have tried it with peanut butter and jelly.  I have tried it grilled with turkey and cheese.  If I didn't know better, I would really think there was gluten in this bread.  It is so fluffy and springy.  I have only one regret in purchasing this bread....I ONLY BOUGHT ONE LOAF!  I have considered ordering more on their website, but I calculated the shipping and it was around $17.00!  Yikes!  I may just have to do it though, I'm not sure how long I can live without my new love.  I'd also like to try their bagels and pizza crust...The WF in Framingham only had bread.

I'm already planning another trip to Whole Foods on our way to (and maybe from) Cape Cod this summer.  There just happens to be several on the way! 

Note to self:  Get a bigger cooler!  (Even if it means I have to leave my suitcase behind!  Who need clothes, anyway?)  ;)

Have a great gluten-free day!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

24 Hours in Boston

I was so lucky this past weekend to spend Mother's Day in Boston.  Even though it was very rainy on Saturday afternoon when we got there and very cold and windy on Sunday, we had a great time!

While we were in Boston, we had dinner at Legal Seafoods, Long Wharf.  We stayed at the Boston Marriott, Long Wharf and it was literally right across the street from our hotel.  It was a good thing because right at 5:25 pm, the skys opened up and the monsoon came down!  (If you were watching the Red Sox/Yankees game on tv, you know this because the game was delayed!)  Our reservations were for 5:30, so we ran as fast as we could across the street.  We were drenched...but after the food came, we just didn't mind at all!

The view from our hotel window. 
Legal Seafoods has the blue covers over the outdoor dining tables.

Legal Seafoods has a very extensive gluten-free menu.  I started out my meal with gluten-free dinner rolls.  These were soooo delicious, I didn't even need butter.  Fresh and hot from the oven, crusty on the outside, fluffy on the inside.  Wishing I had asked who made them!

For my main course, I ordered Sea Scallops, baked potato and steamed sugar snap peas.  The scallops were fried in chick pea flour!  They were very light, tender and EXCELLENT.

To top off the evening, I ordered the Chocolate Mousse.  Oh my, oh my...

I was really sure I had died and gone to creamy, dreamy, chocolate heaven.

I have to say that since going gluten-free, this was one of the best dining experiences I have had.  If you live near a Legal Seafoods...I am soooo jealous!  If you are ever visiting a city where there is a Legal Seafoods...make sure you visit! 

In my next post, I will review some gluten-free items I bought at Whole Foods on the way back from our trip!

Have a great, gluten-free day!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eating Gluten-Free at 99 Restaurant

I was nicely surprised today when my mom and I were out shopping and we stopped in for lunch at the 99 Restaurant.  I had heard that they had a gluten-free menu, but hadn't been in to try it until today.

While it's not an extensive menu, the gluten-free menu has enough items on it to satisfy.  There are salads, hamburgers, complete with gluten-free buns, dinners, such as prime rib (Sunday after 4pm), broiled sirloin tips, NY strip sirloin, top sirloin steak and salmon.  There is a choice of sides which include garlic mashed potatoes, baked potato and loaded baked potato (after 4pm), seasonal vegetables and french fries.  I asked if the french fries are fried in a dedicated fryer and was told that they are!

I ordered the Mushroom and Cheese Steakburger with french fries.  The gluten-free bun was, I believe, a rice flour and tapioca bun.  I know I have had these buns before, it tasted a lot like Gillian's Foods Plain Gluten-Free Hamburger Bun, I'm not totally sure and I didn't ask.  The burger was a lot bigger than the bun, which was fine with me.  The fries were very tasty!  The only complaint I really had was that the burger was a little underdone for my taste.  I ordered it medium-well and would probably order it well done next time.  I apologize that I didn't get a picture to share, but I didn't really plan on going out to lunch, so I didn't bring my camera.

Another restaurant to add to my gluten-free list!  If you have tried 99's gluten-free menu, I'd love to hear your comments!  If you haven't, it's time to check it out!  :)

Have a great gluten-free day!