Monday, June 16, 2008

Bean Town

Hey NORM! Yes, that's us, at the bar at Cheer's in Boston, MA this past weekend. One of the many sites we saw while in Beantown. Mark and I have been to Boston before, several times, but without a child in tow. This time was definitely a bit different. We tend to forget how tired our little one gets. By the time we had driven the 3+ hours to get there on Saturday, taken the "T" downtown to the NE Aquarium, saw the Aquarium, walked around Quincy Market, ate, shopped and walked some more, our poor little girl was so tired, she started crying big crocodile tears during the IMAX movie "Dolphins and Whales in 3D"! We ended up leaving the movie early to catch a cab back to the hotel in a hurry! Phew! On Sunday, we took it a little slower, ordered in room service breakfast, let Amanda take a swim in the indoor pool and took the trolley tour of the city, before hitting the road back to Albany. In any case, we did have a great time, even though we were all exhausted! I must mention what I thought was the coolest part of the Aquarium. Along with the penguins, harbour seals, sharks, turtles and other marine life, they have an exhibit of jelly fish. Such graceful creatures. The Aquarium had several different species, swimming around in the tanks. My very favorite tank was one that you could change the color of the lights shining on the jelly fish. It was just beautiful.

You can check out a little video clip of the jelly fish on the New England Aquarium's website Amazing Jellies.

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