Saturday, June 26, 2010

Question: How do YOU heal your belly when you are "glutened"?

It's been a busy week.  It was the last week of 4th grade for my daughter.  Which means the last week of freedom for mom until September, so I was busy getting "things" done before school was out.  I don't think I finished half of the "things" on my list.  Mostly because I felt sick.

This seems to happen every few months and lasts for a week or more.  The belly ache.  Feels like someone put my intestines in a vice and keeps cranking it tighter.

I can never really pin down the reason it happens.  Did I get glutened?  Was it the greasy burger I ate?  Am I eating out in restaurants too often?  Is it stress?  Am I allergic or intolerant to another food?  I don't know, but I'd sure like to figure it out.

So, this week I began the task of writing down everything I eat.  I probably began too late to figure out the source this time, as I already had the belly ache, but I'm hoping that eventually I can find the answer.  I've read that corn gluten can be a problem for some Celiacs or maybe dairy (I already use soy milk).  I'm also trying to cut out (or at least down) on the diet soda.  Yes, I know it's bad for me, but I have trouble giving it up.  :(

I've been downing the Pepto Bismal in the meantime and trying to eat very carefully.  I need to heal my tummy and feel better.  Which got me to thinking....what do other Celiacs do when they get glutened?

So here are my questions for you all...

When you get glutened, what do you do to feel better?  What do you eat while you're healing?  What medications if any do you use?  How long do your symptoms last?

I would love any advice you may have to give.

Thanks.  And I hope you are having a great gluten-free weekend!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Two Gluten-Free Surprises for Mom on Father's Day!

Ok.  I admit it.  I've been slacking on the blog posts.  I'm blaming it on spring fever and a little bit of writer's block.

I did have two great surprises today.  We decided to take my husband out for lunch for Father's Day.  He chose Outback Steakhouse because, well, what's Father's Day without a little steak anyway???  I was happily looking over my gluten-free menu when the waiter brought over the little loaf of gluten-filled, brown bread.  When my husband told him not to put it in front of me, the waiter said "Oh, sorry.  Would you like a loaf of gluten-free bread?"  Wow!

Outback had served gluten-free bread in the past.  Then they took it away.  I blogged about it here.  Well, now it's back!  I'm not sure that it's the same bread that they served before, but it was really good.    It's lovely to have bread with my 6 oz. Special Steak, baked potato and green beans.  Thanks, Outback!!!

My second surprise was later, when we decided to go out for soft ice cream.  One of the pleasures of summer is going to The Country Drive-In on Crescent Road in Clifton Park.  This is a very busy spot in hot weather and if you can find a parking space, you are in luck!  We have been known to circle the lot many times on crowded nights, only to drive away without our ice cream!  :(

Today, it was the middle of the afternoon and not terribly crowded.  I ordered my usual.  Small hot fudge sundae with fat-free, sugar-free yogurt.  Today's yogurt flavor was "Very Berry".  We stepped back from the window after placing our orders and there it was.  On the window.  Right there in front of us.  "Gluten-Free Cones Now Available Upon Request."    NO WAY!  (I think I actually heard a choir singing in the background..."AHHHHH")  The world is definitely changing right before our very eyes.  Now, I'm not much of a "cone person", but you'd better believe that next time we go, I will be ordering one of the gluten-free cones!  Just because I can.