Monday, July 14, 2008

Home Again

Well, back home after a wonderful week's vacation on the Cape. My brain is still in a vacation fog. I actually forgot what I was doing this morning while I was making breakfast and lunch for my husband! I got so used to just throwing on some clothes and heading downstairs to the "breakfast room" in the motel. Oh well, back to reality.
My daughter absolutely loved the ocean this year. In the past years, she has only walked along the edge of the waves, being careful not to get in too much. This year, she was in up to her shoulders, swimming and diving in the waves! We even bought her a boogie board, after she shared a new found friend's at the beach one day. The water was warm and the waves not too strong and she had a great time.
The weather was rain except the day we arrived. The ride was a little tough on me, although I think I fared a little better this time than on our Boston trip. I had a couple of days of arm pain, but not too bad that I couldn't function. In the car, I had my U-shaped neck pillow on most of the ride. We stopped three times on the way there and back to get out and walk. I did my neck exercises every day to try to strengthen and stretch my neck muscles. I even brought my special S-shaped bed pillow. I think all of these preventative measures really did help.
I did pretty well ordering gluten-free food at the restaurants on the Cape. I pretty much stuck to broiled seafood, without breadcrumbs, baked potatoes, salads with oil and vinegar, too many hot fudge sundaes and LOBSTER OF COURSE! We even tried out a couple of restaurants that catered to Gluten Free diets. Not Your Average Joe's in the Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis offers a small but tasty GF menu. I had an Angus burger served on lettuce and tomato with garlic mashed potatoes. BZ's Mexican and Pizza in Dennisport had a delicious GF pizza. I ate the whole thing myself! Only twice was I not exactly sure of what I was getting and that was my fault in not asking the right questions. I had a pre-made burger that I believe had some kind of filler in it and cauliflower augratin, which had breadcrumbs all over the top of it (which I didn't eat, I just picked at the food around it on the plate). Neither one seemed to bother me.
Now my only question is...when's the next vacation????

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lace1070 said...

So happy to hear you had a successful and relaxing trip! I can hardly believe the water was so warm. Here's to hoping it will still be warm enough to swim in by the end of August! Hugs ~ Lace