Wednesday, May 12, 2010

24 Hours in Boston

I was so lucky this past weekend to spend Mother's Day in Boston.  Even though it was very rainy on Saturday afternoon when we got there and very cold and windy on Sunday, we had a great time!

While we were in Boston, we had dinner at Legal Seafoods, Long Wharf.  We stayed at the Boston Marriott, Long Wharf and it was literally right across the street from our hotel.  It was a good thing because right at 5:25 pm, the skys opened up and the monsoon came down!  (If you were watching the Red Sox/Yankees game on tv, you know this because the game was delayed!)  Our reservations were for 5:30, so we ran as fast as we could across the street.  We were drenched...but after the food came, we just didn't mind at all!

The view from our hotel window. 
Legal Seafoods has the blue covers over the outdoor dining tables.

Legal Seafoods has a very extensive gluten-free menu.  I started out my meal with gluten-free dinner rolls.  These were soooo delicious, I didn't even need butter.  Fresh and hot from the oven, crusty on the outside, fluffy on the inside.  Wishing I had asked who made them!

For my main course, I ordered Sea Scallops, baked potato and steamed sugar snap peas.  The scallops were fried in chick pea flour!  They were very light, tender and EXCELLENT.

To top off the evening, I ordered the Chocolate Mousse.  Oh my, oh my...

I was really sure I had died and gone to creamy, dreamy, chocolate heaven.

I have to say that since going gluten-free, this was one of the best dining experiences I have had.  If you live near a Legal Seafoods...I am soooo jealous!  If you are ever visiting a city where there is a Legal Seafoods...make sure you visit! 

In my next post, I will review some gluten-free items I bought at Whole Foods on the way back from our trip!

Have a great, gluten-free day!

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Laura J. Wellner (author pseudonym Laura J. W. Ryan) said...

Hi Lisa, I found my way to your blog from my blog! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message at Upstate Girl! (I left one back to you.) HOW cool you went to Boston for Mother's Day! (I love Boston.) We had snow for Mother's Day here on my hilltop acre in Lafayette (I'm just spitting distance from Caz.) It was also my 48th birthday that day too! But the day was a good day in spite of the weather!

Be well and keep in touch!