Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Tiny Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Well, it's been almost two weeks since my cervical spine surgery and I think I am finally seeing a tiny light at the end of the tunnel. Every day gets a little better, less painful, more energy filled. The symptoms that lead me to surgery are starting to fade. The numbness and tingling in my arms. My heavy "sand-filled" legs are feeling a little lighter. The electric buzzing throughout my body seems to be gone. I went for my first outdoor walk yesterday. It felt good. It was just around the block, probably less than a mile, but as I found out maybe a little more than I should have attempted on my first try. I felt very tired and weak at about the halfway point. My legs felt like rubber, but I trudged on and made it home safe and sound. I guess I didn't realize how really out of shape I am due to the lack of exercise in the three or so months before my surgery and the two weeks of recovery on the couch since. I couldn't help but be awestruck as I walked along how wonderful it is to be actually mobile after a major surgery. Truly a miracle! My husband has been wonderful during my recovery. I have been unable to do any of the household chores required of a mother on a daily basis. It's funny to think that I imagined everything would fall apart during my recovery. Sure, the beds are unmade and there are dustbunnies the size of Texas under them, but the major tasks have been completed and the family rolls along! My daughter didn't realize her dad was such a good cook. I knew it, but hadn't seen it since before we were married. It's been hard on him juggling work and home, but he's doing great. We've been through a lot in our 9+ years of marriage and I wouldn't have wanted to go through it with anyone else!

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