Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Retail Therapy

Today was the first day that I actually went out by myself in the three weeks since my surgery. I got in the car, drove to CVS, did some retail therapy and drove back home. Aside from the occasional stares at my neck brace, it felt like things were getting back to normal. The nice thing was that those who did stare, smiled at me when I caught their glance. They were probably wondering if I was pulling an April Fool's joke!
The weather was wonderful for April 1st. It was 65 degrees according to my thermometer. I went for my walk around the neighborhood, although I'm not going as far as I did the first day out. I've learned that shorter distances don't make me quite so tired. As one of my friends who is recovering from surgery herself keeps reminding me....baby steps! Thanks L~ for all of your words of support.

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