Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Been A Long Time!

OK. So I haven't posted anything since December 1st. I really have no excuse except that I just haven't been "feeling it" lately. I've had a cold since the weekend after Thanksgiving and I must admit, this one is really hanging on and dragging me down!!! Hopefully, this cough and headache will end soon!
A few things have happened since my last post.
1. I backed into a mailbox with my car. The mailbox fared much better than my car and I just got it back from the repair shop. Thank goodness for insurance!
2. We had a HUGE ice storm last weekend. It was brutal! We lost several trees in our backyard, but luckily none hit the house and we never lost power!
3. I had my EMG test at the Neurologists office. Basically, they wire parts of your body up with electrodes, in my case, my right arm and hand, and zap you with electrical shocks. If your body parts jump and it's very uncomfortable, then you pass the test! I lit up light the 4th of July. They also did a muscle test, where they put tiny needles in your muscles and make you move the muscle to see how it functions. Not the most fun way to spend 20 minutes, but not as bad as I had envisioned either. You kind of get used to the shocks and your fingers jumping without you telling them to!
The results of the test were that I have some muscle "changes" in my arm, caused by my surgery. The doctor told me that this is what is probably causing the weakness. I also have an irritated nerve in my elbow. Basically, my funny bone is funny all the time! Tennis elbow, without the tennis part. So, I am to rest my elbow on a pillow whenever possible and try to keep my arm straight while sleeping!
As for the "shakes" that I experience periodically, no answer was given. I'm just going to hope that it goes away as fast as it came! I must admit, I have been feeling better the last week or so. Let's hope it's a trend that lasts!
Oh, and I haven't forgotten, I owe you all that picture of my funky, fingerless gloves!

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Happy Holidays Lisa!!