Sunday, April 19, 2009

So....What's New?

Ho Hum. So. I haven't blogged in quite some time now. I guess, well, I don't have much of an explanation other than I just didn't feel like it! There. Now you have it. I've been a lazy blogger woman. So. What's new with me? Hmmm. Well, I still have my pain in the neck. It's been a pretty tough few weeks. I actually feel a lot like I did before my surgery last year. Talk about frustrating! So. I had another MRI. Know what it showed? Not much actually. The surgery site is still looking good. I do have a small "bulge" on the disc above the discs where I had the fusion done. Splendid. They told me this could happen. Unfortunately, when you stabilize a disc, it makes the discs above and below take on more of the load and stress of things. The doctor said that he doesn't think that this small bulge would be causing my pain. I'm not saying he's wrong. I trust him. I am saying that "something" is causing it. So, I sit with my alternating ice and heat packs and take as much Tylenol as my tender stomach will allow. Another interesting tidbit of medical drama is that about a month ago I had my annual GYN visit. Just routine? No. During the breast exam, I noticed the doctor spending a little more time on one side than the other. Then she said she thought she felt a "little something" on that side. Ok. So I tried not to panic. I took a deep breath. I had just had a normal mammogram. I do monthly self exams. I had felt nothing. So, she told me to cut out coffee, chocolate and soda for a week and then come back for a re-check. I tried not to worry too much (not easy to do), gave up all the good stuff, and went back for the re-check. What happened? She said, "All gone!" All gone? Seriously? Well, I was relieved, but suspicious. Not that I don't trust her, but what was that all about? So. Two visits and two copays later, I'm clear. Until I got the bill. Yes. The bill. Apparently the doctor decided that she had spent a little more than her usual 10 minutes with me (she may have spent 12 minutes this time) and billed me for an additional "visit" copay. Is that even legal to charge two copays for one visit??? I started having flash backs of the movie "The Firm". I was about to call Tom Cruise to catch them at "double billing" their clients! Where is Tom Cruise when you need him, anyway??? I was more than a little upset by this. So. To make a long story as short as possible. I called the office and told them this was crazy and got the office manager to wave the second "visit" copay. Well, anyway, on the lighter side.... I've been a gluten-free baking fool. I sent to for three bags of Pamela's Gluten-Free Pancake and Baking Mix. It was on sale. They are BIG bags. With lots of yummy recipes on the back. So far, I've made blueberry muffins and chocolate chip cookies. Both came out excellent. I'm going to possibly try to make carrot cake this week. And scones. Of course, I am starting Weight Watchers *again* this week, so I guess I'd better make sure there's someone else around to eat the goodies after I make them! ;) We've been doing a great deal of eating out this past week. We went to Manchester, Vermont over Easter weekend and ate some yummy food at some yummy restaurants. We even ordered three hot fudge sundaes from room service at the hotel on Saturday night. Three sundaes...$30. Yep, stop rubbing your tired eyes, you read it right. $30. Oh well, you only go this way once, right? Anyway, I'm not sure if I got "glutened" or not over the weekend. I didn't seem to have any symptoms. All three of us did come down with a 24-hour stomach bug though. Not fun. We also visited P.F. Chang's on Tax Day. They were running a 15% off the bill deal for that day. The lettuce wraps were divine as usual. I wasn't really happy with my entree' though. I ordered the Singapore Street Noodles. It wasn't as good as I remembered from last time. I'm not sure what they did different, but no likey. I ate some and brought the rest home thinking I could doctor it up with something, but I ended up throwing it out! Yesterday, we visited Outback Steakhouse. Usually, my fave. Usually, they have GF bread. Know what I found out? No more GF bread. Apparently, the bakery that supplied them with the bread raised their prices so high that Outback made a corporate decision not to carry it anymore. Dang! Big step backward for us GF folks! No one asked me. I would have paid extra. Hopefully, they will reconsider or maybe find another bakery to deal with. I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful Spring weather...well, at least it's been nice here. I hope it's nice where you are!

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mb said...

I hope you feel better. I didn't realize that Outback ever had GF bread - and now it's gone!

Take care and hang in there.