Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weekend In New England

Time in new england
Took me away
To long rocky beaches--and you, by the bay...
*Barry Manilow*
Ok, so we really weren't near any "long rocky beaches", but I couldn't help think of this song this weekend while we were in Manchester, Vermont. I just LOVE New England. Maine, Massachussetts, Vermont, New Hampshire. Any time of year. It's probably what has held me in Upstate NY for all of my 46 years. It's certainly not the snow!
So, our Columbus Day Weekend trip to Vermont began with a stop at Zoey's Double Hex for some late lunch. We stop here every time we visit Manchester. My hubby and I both had the Garden Salad with a Hex Burger on top. It was excellent. My daughter, had a hot dog with homemade potato chips off the kid's menu. She even took a picture of it...not gluten-free, mind you, but she said it was pretty good. Sorry, we didn't get a picture of my salad w/burger. ***Note to time take picture of your own meal!***
So, after lunch, we did the usual "outlet crawl"at the Manchester Designer Outlets. Ralph Lauren Outlet for the best bath towels on earth, The Gap Outlet for kid's clothes and some for mom and dad too, Coach...don't get me started! Northshire Bookstore to browse around. Not to forget my daughter's favorite Claire's Outlet, where we purchased 15, yes, 15 pairs of pierced earrings. Shopping for her is second of course to scuffing through the fallen leaves. She loves the crunching, swishing sound they make. Then, after we were all hot and tired, we stopped for ice cream. I have to admit, I don't remember the name of the place we stopped at. We even paid cash, so no receipt to check. However, I had a dish of PUMPKIN ice cream. YUM! Hubby had a waffle cone, one scoop of chocolate, one coffee. Daughter had her favorite kid's cone with scoop of mint chocolate chip. The perfect ending to the perfect day. Of course, I've been paying our little adventure quite a bit this week, with back, neck, head and shoulder pain, but I consider it the price I'm willing to pay for a wonderful Fall day with my family. That Upstate NY snow will come much too quickly...then it will be days, sitting by the fire, wrapped up in an afgan for me!

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Jenny said...

Utz is my favorite brand of potato chips, they are all natural and delicious!! Sounds like a fun trip! I need to go outlet shopping...