Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Gluten-Free Corn Chex

After much excitement and anticipation, I finally found the new boxes of Gluten-Free Corn Chex and our local Walmart today for $2.98/box! Not having to spend $5.00 for a tiny box of gluten-free cereal at the health food store is really exciting!!! I promptly grabbed my $1.00 off three boxes coupon and piled the boxes into my cart. I can't wait to try them!!! Maybe I'll have a bowl tonight before bedtime instead of my usual ice cream???


Linda said...

Hi Lisa. I wrote a follow up to my corn chex post. A number of chex flavors are being made gf and will be widely available June 1. I found corn and honey nut boxes for $3. I'm excited like you.

Kat said...

First local Bell and Evans and then GF corn chex!? You don't know how much you've made my morning!