Monday, May 4, 2009

Flourless Chocolate Cake

I've been meaning to post this for over a week now, but things have just been so busy that it took me that long to get the photo out of my camera on to the computer! A good friend of mine came for dinner a couple of Fridays ago and I served Mr. Food's Flourless Chocolate Cake. Mr. Food has a cooking spot on our local news at noon here in the Albany area. I saw him demonstrate this recipe and knew that I would just have to try it! Well. It was awesome. Very, very, very rich. If you are a true chocoholic, you will love it. It's oooey, gooey! Kind of like a cross between fudge, chocolate pudding and brownie. This is what it looked like fresh out of the oven. The center doesn't set all the way and you have to refrigerate it for a while so that it will firm up.

And here is the finished product...all decorated with whipped cream and strawberries.

If you are looking for that chocolate "fix", then try this easy to make chocolate cake!


Kat said...

Lisa, I nominated you back for an Attitude of Gratitude Award (I don't think that means you have to do it again!) ;-)

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog :)
The cake looks fabulous!

Lisa said...

Thanks and welcome to my blog, Erin! :)