Sunday, May 3, 2009

An Attitude of Gratitude

Happy first weekend of May! It's a little chilly here in the Northeast, 60 degrees but cloudy and breezy. Still, everything is blooming (especially my allergies!) and the grass is really, really green! I logged in this morning to find that Kimberly of Gluten-Free Is Life had nominated me for "An Attitude of Gratitude" award! Wow! Thank you Kim, you really made my day. It makes me happy to think that maybe, just maybe, someone gets some enjoyment out of what I write. I was nominated along with nine other great Gluten-Free bloggers. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in November of 2007 and have been living gluten-free ever since. It was very hard at first. Especially because I had always loved to dine out in restaurants. What the heck was I supposed to do now? No fried food. No burgers on a bun. No stopping in the mall food court for a slice of pizza. Oh no, is there gluten in the movie popcorn? Would my family have to suffer because of my new "disability"? I was so confused at first. Then I began to find wonderful bloggers who were gluten-free and seemed to have it all down to a science. I realized that it could be done and that it even could be fun. Learning how to cook new meals. Learning what restaurants had gluten-free menus. I'll never forget baking my first loaf of gluten-free bread! It smelled and tasted wonderful! I wish to nominate the following Gluten-Free bloggers for Attitude of Gratitude Awards: (in no particular order) Easy Gluten-Free Baking - Elizabeth Barbone, author of "Easy Gluten-Free Baking" has a wonderful blog with recipes, reviews and tips. And, well, her recipes are to die for! Kat's GF Kitchen - Kat gives great GF product and restaurant reviews. A Year of Crockpotting - Stephanie "The Crockpot Lady" has wonderful, easy recipes. All are or can be made gluten-free! Dust off your crockpots and have a ball! A month after I had been diagnosed, I began having trouble with the discs in my neck and found that I needed surgery. I've had my ups and downs with recovery and am still trying to find my way through life with aches and pains I've never had before. During this time, I have found hope and inspiration reading the following blog that I also wish to nominate: Live Love Laugh - Blogger Lacie Heiser's inspiring journey through Chiari surgery. I have known Lacie personally for several years. I have great respect for her strength and spirit. She is always reaching out to help others who are dealing with their own challenges. Thanks, Lacie. Your instructions are: * put the logo on your blog or post * nominate at least 10 blogs that show an an attitude of gratitude (*note* I was only able to come up with four, but they are a fantastic four...don't you think?) * link to your nominees within your post * comment on their blogs to let them know they’ve received this award * share the love and link to this post and the person who nominated you for the award * tell us how you’ve come to have an attitude of gratitude
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lace1070 said...

Thanks so much for the nomination :)

Crockpot Lady said...

Hi Lisa,

thank you so much for thinking of me! I had an absolute ball with my crockpot adventure, and am thrilled to be helpful in any way. xoxo steph

Kat said...


Thank you so much for the nomination! :-)

Lisa said...

You are all very, very welcome! :)