Thursday, March 11, 2010

Be Still My "Peep"-ing Heart!

Can it be true?  I think I shall faint!  Just Born has come out with Chocolate covered Peeps!!!  And the word is out that they are gluten-free!  Has anyone seen these in the stores yet?  Have you tried them?  I MUST get my hands on some!

You can read an article in the Huffington Post here.

Since we are talkin' sweets, anyone who knows me, knows that I love caramel corn!  While I was shopping last week at our Price Chopper, I saw a whole display of Smartsnacks Caramel Popcorn!

The best part, other than that they were $1 a bag, was that the bag is labeled "Gluten-Free", right there on the front!  I snagged five bags.  The worst part is, well, I can't stay away from it!  I'm seriously addicted.  Just check my hands...they are all sugary and sticky!

Speaking of addictions, I am a pasta eater.  When I found out I had Celiac Disease, my first thought was that I wouldn't be able to eat pasta again.  At least not good pasta.  The first few rice pastas I tried tasted horrible and my family wouldn't eat them because of the difference in texture from regular pasta.  And then....I found Schar Pastas!  I honestly can't tell the difference between regular, wheat pasta and Schar brand.  My family eats it right along with me.

Last week, I found out that our local grocery store was no longer going to carry Schar Spaghetti.  I was heart-broken.  Luckily, there is!  I was able to purchase my beloved Schar Spaghetti and it was delivered right to my door this week!  I actually gave a loud "whoop" when the package was delivered!

I love how's boxes have a smile on them!  Oh, and I also ordered a Tally Counter to help track my laps around the track at the gym (to work off all of that pasta!).  The only problem is that it never shuts off, so I'm guessing the batteries won't last long.  I've pulled them out for now, until I can hit the gym!  LOL!

And just a couple more tidbits...

Have you seen the April 2010 Martha Stewart Living Magazine?  There is a whole section full of gluten-free recipes!  There is one for a Zucchini Lasagna that I will definitely be trying.  If you haven't grabbed a copy yet...go get one!!!

Also...I am very excited to be listed in the Foodie Blogroll this week!  If you haven't checked out all the wonderful blogs and recipes on this site, you really, really should!

I hope you all have a terrific, gluten-free weekend!  Don't forget to set your clocks ahead!  ;)


kim said...

I have never been a fan of Peeps! I have tried them multiple times, too. Perhaps I'll like them with chocolate! ;)


Lisa said...

Kim...Actually, I never used to be a fan of Peeps either. Mark got me started on them. I think I would really like the chocolate covered ones though. Of course, I think I'd eat almost anything dipped in chocolate! LOL!