Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yesterday was the two-year anniversary of my neck surgery.  I didn't have a party.  I did however, take time to reflect on the struggles I've had and how far I've come.   Recovery has been a long road.  I still have a lot of days when I retreat to the sofa with my heating pad and my ibuprofen.  I have to take nerve meds every day, just to feel somewhat normal.  I still have nerve pain and strange, twitching muscles (especially my eyelids, which drives me insane!)  Sleeping is uncomfortable.  Many days I wake up feeling less than rested. 

I do have many good days, though.  For these days, I am very greatful.  One thing this experience has taught me is to live life to the fullest on the good days.  I've also learned I have limitations, even though I don't like to admit that I have any!!!

Instead of throwing myself a party (or a pity party), I celebrated today by going to the gym and making good on my New Year's resolution to run a mile.  This is something I have NEVER done.  Not even as a kid.  I am very excited that I am 1/2 way there!  I'm no spring chicken, as my mom would say and it's hard and it hurts, but I'm doing it.  I'm not giving up this time.  Once I reach my 1 mile goal, I've promised myself a brand, new, shiny pair of running shoes.  :)


lace1070 said...

Happy Anniversary! I still remember after your surgery when I was still on leave from my detethering ~ what a fun bunch of invalids we were:)

Yea for good days and maybe you have more and more of them. I am learning that very hard lesson myself to accept my limitations and be thankful for the good days. We need to get together and celebrate our anniversaries ~ any Johnny Depp movies coming out soon? Hugs ~ Lace

Kim said...

You go girl!! You can do this!! I am so proud of you! Half way to your goal & it is only March!!!

I love your attitude!! Positivity gets you so much further than negativity!


Lisa said...

Thank you Lacie! I remember that day too. It was definitely misery loving company that day! Me with my neck brace and you with a nasty, chiari headache. It was a good day for a Johnny Depp movie!!!

We will definitely have to get together. It's been a while!

Lisa said...

Thanks Kim. That means a lot to me. :)

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Hooray! Running is indeed hard, that's why only the strong ones do it. :D You are awesome!

Lisa said...

Thanks, Andrea, and welcome to my blog! :)